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Make a Change Tattoo Removal Program

MAC is a program for Prince William County, Manassas or Manassas Park residents below the age of 22. It is a free service to remove gang-related tattoos from those who had been gang-involved or were at risk of gang involvement. MAC is made possible by donations that fund the laser rental, donated clinic space from the Greater Prince William Community Health Center, and by doctors, nurses, and staff who generously donate their time.

The participants need to demonstrate their commitment to leaving the gang lifestyle by:

  • Committing to leave the gang and not be gang-involved for 6 months prior to their first clinic.
  • Being enrolled in school, having good attendance, and receiving passing grades.
  • Being drug and alcohol abuse free at the time of application and while in the program.
  • Completing 50 hours of community service prior to attending their first clinic.
  • Being free of any new criminal charges at the time of application and while in the program.
  • If school is completed, they must be employed, in a job training program, or be actively seeking a job and have a plan for attaining a job.
  • If on parole or probation, they must be compliant with all rules of parole or probation.

Dr. Bajoghli and the Skin and Laser Dermatology Center are proud to participate with and support the efforts of Project Access of Northern Virgina and MAC – Make a Change Tattoo Removal Program.

Project Access of Northern Virginia (PANV)

PANV is a program of the Medical Society of Northern Virginia Foundation, a 501-c-3 organization. PANV’s mission is to increase access to Specialty Care by developing and maintaining a volunteer network of physicians who provide care to low-income, uninsured “safety net” patients in Fairfax County. PANV is a physician led and managed effort, championed by the Physician Recruitment Committee, and tasked with fundraising and peer recruitment initiatives.

  • Volunteer Physicians provide specialty medical services in their offices and hospital surgery at no charge.
  • PANV accepts referral requests from the listed participating “safety net” entities.
  • Patient income eligibility is up to 250% of the Federal Poverty Level. Eligibility screening is conducted by participating “safety net” entities.
  • PANV is a centralized effort for Physician Volunteer services, all appointments are made by PANV staff only.
  • PANV provides interpretation services in 173 languages, including sign language for participating Volunteer Physicians.
  • PANV staff and “safety net” providers coordinate inpatient and outpatient hospitalization services.
  • Participating “safety net” entities provide ancillary services, diagnostic testing, and medications to support treatment plans and/or recommendations of PANV’s Volunteer Physicians and to assure patients’ continuity of care. Each “safety net” provider has access to these services within the purviews of their individual programs.
  • To learn more about PANV, please visit at or contact Claudia Tellez, Director at
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