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Venous Lake Treatment

Dr. Amir Bajoghli and the Skin and Laser Surgery Center of McLean, Virginia now offer the latest in treatments for a condition known as “Venous Lake”.

Venous lakes are relatively common lesions caused by dilation of tiny blood vessels. These commonly occur on the lower or upper lip but can appear any where on the head and neck area or the rest of the body.  Commonly, venous lakes can be seen in adults over the age of  50  who had have long term exposure to the sun or trauma to the area.

Venous lakes are dark blue to purple, soft, smooth and have well-defined edges. Although not usually painful, these can be irritating, bleed and unsightly.

Long pulse Nd-YAG and Pulsed Dye Lasers are the treatments of choice.    A laser will target the lesion with a precise wavelength of light and destroy it with minimal effect on the surrounding area.  A laser treatment generally will cause little to no permanent scarring with minimal chance of lesion recurrence. In some cases, the treatment area may take a few days to completely heal following the laser treatment.

Dr. Bajoghli provides the laser treatment for this vein malformation in the office (outpatient) without the need for hospitalization.  Utilizing the laser to remove a venous lake is quite simple, nearly pain free, and only takes a few minutes. The healing process varies according to the depth of the lesion.

Patients notice an immediate improvement after the venous lake treatment.