Rashes can be bothersome for many people, and the problem can be trying to determine what is causing a rash. Some rashes seem to be a clear, cut and dry case; others are a bit more confusing to try to figure out. While it may still be treatable, it is important to try to find the root of the problem so that you can avoid having further problems.

Your rash may be a one-time thing, or you may have an ongoing problem with it until you determine what is causing it. However, the good news is that rashes are rarely a sign or symptom of anything more serious. It may be the result of something as simple as stress or changing laundry detergents.

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The things you should notice about your rash are the same types of things you should take note of and share with one of our dermatologists. For example, some things to consider when it comes to your rash are:

  • The location of the rash and whether it has spread or changed locations
  • Any changes to your lifestyle or routine that may have caused the rash (Remember even starting to work out and sweat if your body is not accustomed to this can result in a rash)
  • Changes to personal products such as laundry detergent, perfume, make up, deodorant or anything else that could come into contact with your skin
  • The type of rash (While most are red and itchy, it is also important to notice the size of the bumps, whether they are scaly or contain pus or clear liquid or any other details that may help identify the type of rash you have)
  • Whether your rash is painful (Obviously this takes precedence over being mildly uncomfortable or a little itchy. Do not put up with a painful rash any longer than it takes to schedule an appointment and see one of our dermatologists)

People actually have rashes more often than they may realize. It is not until a rash gets out of control or is painful that people end up seeking treatment. Yet, so many rashes are easily treatable and not worth any long term mild discomfort or insecurity about how you look while waiting for a rash to go away. Even in instances where the cause is not immediately determined, at least getting relief can help ease the discomfort.

Depending on what is causing the rash or the type of rash you have will have a lot to do with the type of treatment you get. Oral medications or topical solutions are two of the most common approaches. Shots are sometimes used but usually only to jump start the recovery by quickly introducing the treatment into the system.

Obviously, pinpointing the cause is important to successfully preventing your rash from returning. For this reason, it is crucial to try to think of anything that could have happened recently to cause it, including a sudden elevation in stress. Even if the cause is not immediately determined, at least seeking relief will help make the problem seem less severe.

If you are ready to seek relief from your unsightly and uncomfortable rash, get started today by scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced dermatologists.

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