As people begin to grow older, skin can start to look dryer, with tiny lines and wrinkles beginning to appear. The primary reason for this is because as we age we begin to lose collagen, which is a connective tissue that can be found throughout the body. Normal breakdown of collagen happens to everyone and is due to normal wear and tear over the years. Although a person’s face may begin to show the signs of aging, they don’t always feel old on the inside, and would like their face to reflect the way they feel. Fighting the signs of aging is possible with something called Radiesse. It can plump up the skin, resulting in a more youthful, healthy appearance.

Radiesse is unique in that it’s an injectable filler which works in conjunction with the body, unlike any of its competitors. It fills in facial lines and helps in getting rid of wrinkles while at the same time helping the body to increase its own production of collagen, near the sites of injection. Slowly, over time, the gel in Radiesse dissolves, leaving only the natural collagen behind. Another great benefit of Radiesse is that results are immediate, and some patients experience results lasting up to a year.

The gel formula in Radiesse has been approved for use by the FDA, and it has also been approved for use mixed with Lidocaine, an anesthetic. This allows for a more pleasant treatment. Radiesse works in part because of how it is made. Radiesse is a gel which contains tiny calcium based pellets suspended in a water based gel. The pellets are similar to minerals which occur naturally in the body, and this helps to eliminate allergic side effects.
A Radiesse treatment is not only safe, but it also takes only about an hour. Unlike surgical procedures, there is no downtime, although it is always a good idea to discuss any out of the ordinary plans with your health care provider. The majority of people who get treated with Radiesse are able to return to work or any other normal daily activities immediately.

As with any type of procedure that requires injections, they should always be done at a reputable medical spa or doctor’s office. A licensed professional, typically a doctor, will make sure the procedure is done correctly and that proper guidelines are followed for your safety. They are also well versed in the procedure and can give more information to educate patients or answer any questions they may have.

There are numerous benefits to having Radiesse injections if you want to look and feel great. To start, the FDA has proven Radiesse to be safe. The injections take less than an hour so there is no need to take off of work or postpone other obligations. Radiesse is much safer than having any type of surgical procedure done. Finally, with Radiesse you can look and feel younger immediately, with results lasting up to a year. So if you’re ready to look your best, Radiesse may be the perfect option for you.

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