Laser Hair Removal for Underarm (Axilla)

Laser hair removal is offered at Skin and Laser Dermatology Center to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair from the underarms for men and women. Laser hair removal diminishes the need to shave or wax the underarms and reduces the chance of razor bumps or acne-like breakouts. We offer the latest laser technology to remove unwanted hair to treat individuals of all skin types.

Laser hair removal can be dangerous in inexperienced hands, leading to burns, scars, or permanent changes to skin color. Patients of Skin and Laser Dermatology Center can be confident knowing that our providers and technicians are highly trained to perform laser hair removal treatments and patient safety and satisfaction are top priorities. Call today to schedule a cosmetic consultation in order to discuss your specific goals at (703) 893-1114.

Our laser hair removal service is conveniently available in both McLean and Woodbridge locations.

Is laser hair removal covered by insurance?

Laser hair removal treatments are considered elective cosmetic dermatology services so they are not covered by insurance.

How many sessions does it take to treat unwanted hair around the underarms?

Removing unwanted hair around the underarm generally takes 4-6 sessions or more. The underarm areas generally respond very well to laser hair removal, with excellent results. Patient-specific timelines are based on individual goals and are discussed at the cosmetic consultation. After full completion of hair removal treatments, laser hair removal is usually long-lasting or permanent on most areas of the body. Occasionally, there are those who may require maintenance “touch-up” treatments. If the hair does regrow, there tends to be less of it and it is usually lighter, finer, and less cosmetically noticeable.

What happens during laser hair removal?

Before the treatment, the area to be treated is cleaned. For areas where the skin is sensitive, a numbing gel can be used to minimize discomfort. The patient moves to a comfortable position and protective eyewear is provided during the procedure. During the laser hair removal procedure, the skin is held taut while it is being treated with a laser. Many patients say the laser pulses feel like warm pinpricks or a rubber-band snapping.

How long does a session of laser hair removal take?

The duration of a treatment session depends on the area of the size being treated. Treating the upper lip can take less than ten minutes, while a large treatment area like the back or legs can take closer to an hour. During the cosmetic consultation the provider will discuss how long each session will approximately take.

What is the wait between treatment sessions?

The duration before another treatment session varies from patient to patient. Most patients can have laser hair removal once every three to six weeks. During the consultation patients will be advised of when they should schedule the next treatment session.

Is there downtime after treatment?

Immediately after treatment, the treated skin can appear red and swollen, which can last for a few days post-treatment. This is usually controlled with calming creams. Most patients are able to return to their everyday activities after treatment, so there is no requirement for significant downtime.

What are the after-care instructions for areas treated with lasers?

Specific instructions will be discussed in the office but patients can expect to:

  • Keep the treated area moist, often with Aquaphor or petroleum jelly (Vaseline). This helps minimize the risk of infection and helps new skin growth in that area. Additionally, keeping the skin moist minimizes scabbing and helps prevent scar formation. This is usually only required for a certain amount of days or weeks following treatment.
  • Prevent sun-exposure of the treatment area with sun-protective measures.

Why is it important to prevent sun-exposure to the treatment area after laser treatment?

Keeping the treatment area covered prevents the sun from irritating or darkening the area. Initially, this may include wearing a bandage over treatment areas. After the treatment area has healed, it is important to sun-protect all treatment areas, in order to prevent repigmentation or darkening in the area. Sun-protective measures are discussed below. Sun-protective measures apply to situations even with short-term sun exposure, such as:

  • Walking to the mailbox
  • Driving around town
  • Doing errands
  • Going for walks in the neighborhood

Patients are always encouraged to call the office for specific instructions or with aftercare questions. These are general guidelines for areas treated with laser but the specifics will depend on the laser used, treatment area, and response of the patient.

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