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Sunspots are unsightly tan or brown splotches that arise on sun-exposed areas including the face, neck, chest, and arms. Sunspots are also called lentigines or “liver spots” (a misnomer and not related to liver issues), and can appear as sharply defined, rounded patches of skin either alone or in clusters. Sunspots generally occur with age and many people look to minimize their appearance to preserve their natural skin. We offer a number of different treatment methods for sunspot removal based on the location, size, and shape of the sunspots. During your cosmetic consultation, the expert providers at Skin and Laser Dermatology Center will determine the best treatment method to improve the appearance of your sunspots.

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Sun exposure, certain medication, hormones and pregnancy, fair skin, and genetics can cause sunspots to develop, as well as accelerating the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Damage to the skin from sun exposure is cumulative, so time spent in the sun as children and from daily activities all leads to sunspots. Sunspots can occur in anyone but are most common in people over fourty years-old with fair skin in sun-exposed areas.

There are a number of treatment methods for removing sun spots that your provider at Skin and Laser Dermatology Center may recommend based on your unique concern. We offer many safe and effective treatments for sunspots including various laser treatment options, chemical peels, curettage, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen), and electrodessication. During the cosmetic consultation your provider will recommend the most appropriate treatment and how many sessions it may take to achieve optimal results.

We offer a variety of laser treatments for sunspots that are safe, non-invasive, and generally effective. A wand-like device is used to deliver precise, high-energy pulses that remove sun damaged skin layer by layer, so new skin can grow in its place. Some of the lasers we offer for sunspot removal include the popular and effective Picoway, Q-switched Nd:YAG, Venus Versa, and CO2 Fractional Resurfacing Lasers. Laser procedures usually have minimum discomfort, are performed in under 30 minutes, and need only one to a few sessions for optimal results.

We offer a number of chemical peels that are appropriate for skin rejuvenation and sunspot removal. The chemical peel creates a controlled peel that gives way to new skin, refreshing the skin and minimizing the appearance of sunspots. Any redness in response to the chemical peel can usually be covered with make-up and generally resolves in a few days after the procedure.

Depending on the sunspot and treatment there will be some variability in how long results last. In most situations, when patients use sun protection after treatment, patients can expect their sunspots will not return. Call today to schedule a cosmetic consultation and be one step closer to restoring your natural, sunspot-free skin.

Daily sun protection that contains physical blockers such as zinc oxide or titanium, seeking shade, and wearing sun-protective clothing all reduce the risk of developing sunspots.

Sunspots are benign (harmless) but they can be indicative of repeated sun-exposure or sunburns, so they are a sign that your skin should be evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist or a trained dermatology provider on a regular basis. If sunspots appear to change in shape, size, or color, or become symptomatic (bleeding/painful/itching), it is also strongly recommended that those lesions be medically evaluated.

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